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Use this function to show a status window that displays information about what the plug-in is currently doing. When you are sending an email, the status window will show you what part of the email it is currently sending as well as a progress bar indicating how much of that part it has completed. Default placement of the status window is the center of the screen.

If you want to specify a starting location for the status window, specify the coordinates of the left and top of the dialog in pixels. If you wanted to display it in the top right hand corner of your screen, and your screen resolution is set to 800x600, you could specify left as “700” and top as “100”. If you specify a negative one (“-1”) as either the x (across) or y (down) coordinates, the status window will be centered on that axis. For instance, if you want to display it on the bottom of your screen in the center, you would specify left as “-1” and top as “600”; or in the center of the screen by specifying left as “-1” and top as “-1”.

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_StatusWindow ( Action ; Left ; Top ; WindowTitle )
Required Parameters

Show - This will display the Status Window.
Hide - This will hide the Status Window.
State - This tells you if the Status Window is currently shown or hidden. This will return the state as well as the current Left and Top coordinates of the Status Window.
Move - Use this for the Action parameter and the Left and Top parameters to move the Status Window to the coordinates you define.

Optional Parameters

The horizontal screen coordinate for the Status Window. (Use -1 to Center on this axis.)


The vertical screen coordinate for the Status Window. (Use -1 to Center on this axis.)


A Custom Title for the Status Window. (Only valid with the “Show” action.)

Example 1

Displays the status window in the center of the screen.

SMTPit_StatusWindow( "Show" )
Example 2

Opens the status window 700 pixels from the left, and 100 pixels from the top.

SMTPit_StatusWindow( "Show" ; 700 ; 100 )
Example 3

Opens the status window 600 pixels from the top, and centers it from left to right on the screen.

SMTPit_StatusWindow( "Show" ; -1 ; 600 )
Example 4

Moves the status window 100 pixels from the top, and 100 pixels from left of the screen.

SMTPit_StatusWindow( "Move" ; 100 ; 100 )
Example 5

Hides the status window.

SMTPit_StatusWindow( "Hide" )
Example 6

Returns the state the Status Window as either shown or hidden, and the current location of the Status Window.

SMTPit_StatusWindow( "State" )