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This unique function will allow you to have a “Footer” section in the Plain Text or HTML Body of your email. Possible uses include an email signature, a public key, an email advertisement, quotes, or a passage telling how to unsubscribe from your list. You can also set a Default Footer in the Configuration Dialog. If you assign a Plain Text or HTML Footer using SMTPit_SetBodyFooter, SMTPit Pro will ignore the default footer.

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_SetBodyFooter ( Content ; Type ; SMTPit_Append )
Required Parameters

The Plain Text or HTML content for the email Footer.

Optional Parameters

The Content Type; specify “Text” or “HTML”. (Default is “Text”.)


Leave this in to add Text or HTML to the end of the current Footer.

Example 1

Uses the text in the "FooterGlobal" field as the footer to your email message.

SMTPit_SetBodyFooter( FooterGlobal )
Example 2

Uses the text "This is my footer" as the footer to your email message.

SMTPit_SetBodyFooter( "This is my footer" )
Example 3

Appends the text "Additional Footer" to the current footer block.

SMTPit_SetBodyFooter( "Additional Footer" ; "Text" ; SMTPit_Append )
Example 4

Sets the HTML footer to the HTML code above.

SMTPit_SetBodyFooter( "<p><hr><br>John Smith<br></p>" ; "HTML" )
Example 5

Appends the HTML code above to the current HTML footer.

SMTPit_SetBodyFooter( "<p><hr><br>John Smith<br></p>" ; "HTML": SMTPit_Append )