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Use the SMTPit_SetBCC function to assign the “BCC” (Blind Carbon Copy) email address(es). Any email addresses you have in the BCC list will have the email sent to them, but their email will not show up in the actual email. If you have multiple email addresses and you want to set them all at once, separate each email address with a paragraph mark or, if in a field, with a return. SMTPit will validate the email addresses you give it to see if they “look” like email addresses. If SMTPit cannot find a valid email address, it will return an error. For examples of what SMTPit considers to be a “valid” email address, see the SMTPit_SetTo function.

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_SetBCC ( BCC(s) ; SMTPit_Append )
Required Parameters

The BCC Email Addresses for the email.

Optional Parameters

Leave this in to add the(se) Email Address(es) to the current list of Addresses.

Example 1

Adds the email "Doe, John" <> to the BCC field.

SMTPit_SetBCC( "\"Doe, John\" <>" )
Example 2

Adds the email addresses "" and "" to the BCC field.

SMTPit_SetBCC( "¶" )
Example 3

Appends the email address "" to the current list of BCCs.

SMTPit_SetBCC( "" ; SMTPit_Append )