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Use the SMTPit_SetTo function to assign the “To” email address(es). If you have multiple email addresses and you want to set them all at once, separate each email address with a paragraph mark or, if in a field, with a return. SMTPit Pro will validate the email addresses you give it to see if they “look” like email addresses. If SMTPit Pro cannot find a valid email address, it will return an error.

SMTPit Pro considers all of the following to be “valid” email addresses:
SMTPit Support <>
“SMTPit Support” <>
“Smith, John” <>
<> (SMTPit Support)

The basic rule is, if you have any “human readable” name in the email address (like “SMTPit Support”), then you need angled brackets (< >) around the actual email address. This is so mail servers and mail clients can correctly identify the email address. If you have a comma in the “human readable” name, then you need to enclose it in double quotes (“”) (like “Doe, John”).

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_SetTo ( To(s) ; SMTPit_Append )
Required Parameters

The To Email Addresses for the email.

Optional Parameters

Leave this in to add the(se) Email Address(es) to the current list of Addresses.

Example 1

Sets the To email to "SMTPit Support <>".

SMTPit_SetTo( "SMTPit Support <>" )
Example 2

Sets the To addresses to "" and "".

SMTPit_SetTo( "¶")
Example 3

Appends the address "" to any To addresses that have already been set.

SMTPit_SetTo( "" ; SMTPit_Append )