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This function presents the user with a dialog for composing an email. There is both a Simple and Advanced version of the dialog. (The Simple version looks like the Message Dialog in MMEmail). If you specify True for the SendEmail parameter, then when the user presses the “Send” button on the dialog, SMTPit Pro will send the email.

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_SendWithDialog ( Type ; AddressList ; MergeFields ; Containers ; SendEmail ; GetTranscript ; ShowResultDialog )
Optional Parameters

The Dialog Type you want to use. Specify “” or “Advanced” for the Advanced Dialog or “Simple” for the Simple Dialog (from MMEmail).


A Paragraph Mark- or Return-Separated list of Email Addresses for the user to choose from for the To, CC, and BCC fields. Submenus can be added to the menus by placing a greater than sign “>” between menu items.


A Paragraph Mark- or Return-Separated list of Merge Fields the user can Insert from the Contextual Menu.


A Paragraph Mark- or Return-Separated list of Containers the user can specify as the source for Attachments.


If True, the dialog will actually Send the Message when the user presses “Send”. If False, the Dialog will simply close, allowing you to manipulate the data before sending. (Default is True.)


Set to True if you want a Transcript of the interaction between SMTPit and your Mail Server.


Set to True if you want a Dialog to Popup with the Success or Failure of the Send.