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Use the SMTPit_SetFrom function to assign the “From” email address. If you assign a from email address using this function, SMTPit Pro will ignore the Default From field in the Configuration Dialog. SMTPit Pro will validate the email address you give it to see if it “looks” like an email address. If SMTPit Pro cannot find a valid email address, it will return an error. For examples of what SMTPit Pro considers to be a “valid” email address, see the SMTPit_SetTo function.

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_SetFrom ( From )
Required Parameters

The From Email Address.

Example 1

Sets the from address to "".

SMTPit_SetFrom( "" )
Example 2

Sets the from address to "SMTPit Support <>".

SMTPit_SetFrom( "SMTPit Support <>" )
Example 3

Sets the from address to the text in the "Company Name" field and the email address in the "Company Email" field.

SMTPit_SetFrom( Company Name & "Support <" & Company Email & ">" )
Example 4

Resets the from field so that it will use the default from address.

SMTPit_SetFrom( "" )