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The SMTPit_SetInlineImage function is similar to the SMTPit_SetAttachment function. This function allows you to attach a graphic image file from your hard drive or network to the current email being sent. SMTPit Pro takes this graphic and makes it an inline graphic image for you to use in your HTML email. You must specify the full path and filename of the image. You can assign more than one file with this function by separating the file names with the paragraph mark or, if in a field, with a return. You can also reference a container field to assign an image in it. If you have Inline Images assigned in the Configuration Dialog, they will always be sent with your email, and they will be added to the email first. If you do not assign an HTML Body, then an HTML email will not be sent and these Inline Images will be ignored.

Note, the Inline Images set with this function can only be used in the following HTML tags:

<img src=“”>
<input src=“”>
<body background=“”>
<table background=“”>
<tr background=“”>
<td background=“”>
<th background=“”>

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_SetInlineImage ( Image(s) ; Type ; SMTPit_Append )
Required Parameters

Specify the Path(s) and File Name(s) of the Inline Images(s) on the Hard Drive (separate multiple Inline Images with a Paragraph Mark or Return); or specify a Container Field that holds the Inline Image.

Optional Parameters

The Inline Image Type; currently only “HTML” is supported. (Default is “HTML”.)


Leave this in to add the(se) Inline Images(s) to the current list of Inline Images.

Example 1

Sets the "logo.gif" image as an Inline Image on Windows.

SMTPit_SetInlineImage( "c:\Images\logo.gif" )
Example 2

Sets the "logo.gif" image as an Inline Image on Mac.

SMTPit_SetInlineImage( "/Images/logo.gif" )
Example 3

Sets the "product1.jpg" and "product2.jpg" images as Inline Images on Mac.

SMTPit_SetInlineImage( "/Thumbnails/product1.jpg¶/Thumbnails/product2.jpg" )
Example 4

Appends the "logo.gif" image as an HTML Image on Windows.

SMTPit_SetInlineImage( "c:\Images\logo.gif" ; "HTML"; SMTPit_Append )
Example 5

Uses the image in the container field "ImageContainerField".

SMTPit_SetInlineImage( ImageContainerField )
Example 6

Appends the image in the container field "ImageContainerField".

SMTPit_SetInlineImage( ImageContainerField ; "HTML"; SMTPit_Append )