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The SMTPit_AddEmailHeader function adds extra email headers to your email message. The “Headers” parameter takes a name and value pair string separated by an equal sign. Note, the name and value pair is separated with an equal sign in this function, but when viewed in the recipient’s email, it will be shown as separated by a colon. Multiple headers can be added by separating name and value pairs with a return (¶). There should be no spaces in the name section, however the value can have spaces.

Note: You can also set Default Email Headers in the Configuration Dialog. If you have Email Headers assigned in the Configuration Dialog, they will be appended to the Header of the email before any Email Headers you set with this function. You cannot set any of the following with this function: To, From, Subject, Date, Message-ID, CC, or BCC.

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_AddEmailHeader ( Header(s) )
Required Parameters

The Email Header(s) you want to add.

Example 1

Adds an X-header named "X-Company" with the value of "Your Company Name"

SMTPit_AddEmailHeader( "X-Company=Your Company Name" )
Example 2

Adds two X-headers, one named "X-RecID" with the value in the ID field, and a second named "X-URL" with the value "".

SMTPit_AddEmailHeader( "X-RecID=" & SomeTable::ID & "¶X-URL=" )