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The SMTPit_Clear function clears all values that have been set with the External Functions. This function allows you to send a new message without any lingering values. However, you can also clear only specific values and thus specifically use values from the last message.

When the function is called with no parameters, it only clears email data values and does not clear connection related values, such as what is set by SMTPit_SetHost and SMTPit_SetAthentication.

Note: You can also set SMTPit Pro to clear specific fields on the “After Send” tab under the “Extras” tab in the Configuration Dialog.

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_Clear ( Items )
Optional Parameters

A Paragraph Mark- or Return-Separated list of items to Clear. (Leave off this parameter to clear everything.) Values you can use for this parameter include: “Host”, “Port”, “Authentication”, “Tos”, “CCs”, “BCCs”, “From”, “Reply-To”, “Subject”, “Priority”, “Email Headers”, “Text Body”, “Text Header”, “Text Footer”, “HTML Body”, “HTML Header”, “HTML Footer”, “HTML Images”, and “Attachments”. Additionally, you can use “Connection-Related” to clear all connection-related values, “Recipients” to clear all recipient values, “Text” to clear all body text values, and “HTML” to clear all HTML-related values.

Example 1

Clears all values used in the last email message.

Example 2

Clears the "To" email addresses from the last email message.

SMTPit_Clear( "Tos" )
Example 3

Clears the "To" and "Subject" values from the last email message.

SMTPit_Clear( "To¶Subject" )