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Use the SMTPit_SetBody function to set the Plain Text or HTML Body of the email. The “Body” of the email is the content of the email that the receiver will read.

Return TypeText
FormatSMTPit_SetBody ( Content ; Type ; SMTPit_Append )
Required Parameters

The Plain Text or HTML content for the email.

Optional Parameters

The Content Type; specify “Text” or “HTML”. (Default is “Text”.)


Leave this in to add this Text to the end of the current Text content.

Example 1

Uses the text in the "MyEmailBodyField" field for the text body of your email message.

SMTPit_SetBody( MyEmailBodyField )
Example 2

Uses the text "Hello World!" for the text body of your email message.

SMTPit_SetBody( "Hello World!" )
Example 3

Appends "Hello World!" to the current text body block.

SMTPit_SetBody( "Hello World!" ; "Text" ; SMTPit_Append )
Example 4

Sets the HTML body to the html in the "MyHTMLEmailBodyField"

SMTPit_SetBody( MyHTMLEmailBodyField ; "HTML" )
Example 5

Appends the html "<h1>Hello World!</h1>" to the current HTML body.

SMTPit_SetBody( "<h1>Hello World!</h1>" ; "HTML" ; SMTPit_Append )