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Get a Demo Key

Now the plug-in is installed, you can either get a free demo key to evaluate the plug-in with, or if you have purchased a license key, skip this section and go to the Configure section

A free demo key allows you to evaluate the plug-in for 30 days to make sure it will work for your needs. A demo key is not required in order to evaluate the plug-in, however, when no demo key is used, the plug-in will timeout after 30 minutes of use.

The following sections are on this page:

Request a Demo Key

To request a demo key, you will be prompted to do so the first time you use the plug-in after opening FileMaker, or you can do so by opening the Configuration Dialog.
To get a demo key on Mac OSX via the Configuration Dialog, go to the “FileMaker Pro” menu, and then select “Preferences”. This will bring up FileMaker Pro’s “Preferences” dialog.
Navigating to the Plug-ins tab in the FileMaker Preferences
Next, click on the “Plug-ins” tab, which should give you a dialog as shown. Now, select the plug-in name and click the “Configure” button or double-click the plug-in name which would normally open the plug-in’s Configuration Dialog, but in this case, it will prompt you to get a demo key first.
FileMaker Plug-ins tab
Now you will be presented with the Welcome Dialog as shown in the image. This dialog gives you the option to get a demo key by pressing the “Request Demo Key” button. If you do not wish to get a demo key, pressing the “No Internet” or “Close” buttons will continue to the Configuration Dialog and allow you to use the plug-in for 30 minutes before it times out.
FTPit Pro Welcome Dialog
After pressing the “Request Demo Key” button, the “Request a Demo License Key” dialog will appear. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and optionally your email address, then press the OK button. The plug-in will now retrieve a demo key from our servers and register the plug-in with it.

If you successfully get a demo key and would like to set the default preferences, you can continue to Configure section. If an error occurred while getting a demo key, continue reading below.
FTPit Pro Request a Demo License Key Dialog

Issues when Requesting a Demo Key

If you get an error message while requesting a demo key, click the “More” button in the bottom left corner of the “Request a Demo License Key” dialog.
FTPit Pro Request a Demo License Key Dialog
Next, at the bottom of the dialog, place a check mark in the box to “Get License Key using my Web Browser”. Make sure the First Name, Last Name, and optionally the email address fields are filled in and click the OK button.
FTPit Pro Request a Demo License Key Dialog
Your web browser should now open and present you with the demo key and names.
Request a Demo License Key via Web Browser
Now, copy and paste the First Name, Last Name, and License Key data from your web browser back into the Register dialog in FileMaker Pro.
Register Demo License Key
If you still have an issue getting a demo key, please contact us and we will help you get a key.

Demo Key has Expired

If you have used the demo license past the 30 day demo period, the plug-in will alert you that your demo key has expired. To continue using the plug-in, please purchase a license. If you need more time to evaluate the plug-in, click the “Request Extension” button.If you click the “Close” button on this dialog, the plug-in will no longer function until FileMaker is restarted and a purchased license key is entered into the plug-in.
The Configuration Dialog is still accessible even if the plug-in is no longer functioning due to demo key expiration.
Demo License Key Expired
If you clicked the “Request Extension” button, a new dialog opened where you can enter your First Name, Last Name, and optionally your Email Address, then click the OK button. If an error occurs while getting an extension, click the “More” button as described in the Issues when Requesting a Demo Key section above.
Request an Extension
By default, three demo key extensions are available to use. If you have used all of the extensions, you will not be able to request any further demo time. Please contact us if you need further time to evaluate the plug-in.
Extension limit reached