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FTPit Pro

Transfer files to and from an FTP server

FTPit Pro is a FileMaker(R) Pro plug-in which allows you to transfer files to and from your computer using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This plug-in is designed to be easy to use for anyone familiar with FileMaker Pro Calculations and does not require you to learn any sort of scripting language. You can use this plug-in to back up files to a remote server, update static web pages, or completely recreate an FTP client within FileMaker Pro.

This plug-in is a complete rewrite of our previous (Classic) FTPit plug-in for FileMaker Pro 4–6. The Classic FTPit plug-in is made obsolete by FTPit Pro for FileMaker Pro 7 and above. While FTPit Pro does have a backward compatibility option for using databases created to work with the Classic FTPit plug-in, it is highly recommended that you update your calculations to use the new functions in FTPit Pro. Please see the “Porting Guide.txt” file for help in porting databases developed for the Classic version of FTPit to this new FTPit Pro version.


  • Upload and Download files from any FTP Server
  • Upload and Download entire directory structures
  • Upload and Download text files directly to and from FileMaker fields
  • Upload files directly from FileMaker Container fields
  • Maintain connection information for multiple FTP Servers using the integrated account management
  • Use an FTP URL syntax to quickly upload or download a file with the QuickUpload and QuickDownload functions
  • Connect to secure FTP Servers via SFTP or FTPS
  • Cancel Uploads or Downloads in the middle of the transfer
  • Queue Transfers to be processed in the background and have the plug-in call a script when they are completed
  • Import and Export Container field objects
  • Work with files on your hard drive with functions to make directories, move files, and more.
  • Check for the existence of files and directories both locally and remotely
  • Send Remote Commands directly to the FTP Server for doing advanced things like changing permissions on a file

Server Version

In addition to the FileMaker Pro Client version of FTPit Pro, we also have a FileMaker Server Edition of FTPit Pro available. The Server Edition can be installed on FileMaker Server to be used with Perform Script on Server, Server Scheduled Scripts, and/or custom/instant web publishing and WebDirect. For more information about the Server Edition of FTPit Pro, see the documentation.


Mac10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, Apple Silicon, 11.5, 12.0, 11.6, 13.0, 14.0
WinVista, 7, 8, 10, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.x, Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package, 11
FileMaker Pro14.x (32Win), 14.x (64), 15.x (32Win), 15.x (64), 16.x (32Win), 16.x (64), 17.x (32Win), 17.x (64), 18.x (32Win), 18.x (64), 19.x, 2023, 20.x
FileMaker Server12.x, 13.x, 14.x, 15.x, 16.x, 17.x, 18.x, 19.x, 2023, 20.x

Version History

4.4.0 (11/23/2022)

Linux Server support and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue loading accounts.
  • Now works with FileMaker Server on Ubuntu Linux.
  • Updated with latest CNS Core changes.

4.3.1 (09/08/2021)

Missing options and Account file bug fixes

  • Added missing options to Set Account Option script step
  • Fixed an issue where any change to an Account would create a new account file

4.3.0 (07/26/2021)

Now compatible with Apple Silicon Macs

  • Now fully compatible with Apple Silicon based Macs

4.2.0 (03/31/2021)

New JSON Account format + TLS Version Options

  • The plug-in now stores account information on the hard drive in a JSON format.
  • The GetAccountOption and SetAccountOption functions have new ways to get or set all account options as a json block, allowing easy transfers of an account from one machine to another.
  • There are now new options for specifying the TLS version to use. The plug-in now defaults to using TLS v1.2.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

4.1.0 (08/11/2020)

Bug fix release

  • Fixed several issues with FTP over SSH connections, including issues with specifying private/public key files
  • Fixed some internal issues that could prevent changing to, deleting, renaming, or downloading remote directories
  • Fixed issues with reading and writing files
  • Fixed issues on Mac with selecting/interacting with files on certain volumes (eg. Google Drives)
  • Other minor CNS Core changes

4.0.0 (06/04/2019)

New OS Reqs + New iOS Version + New Installer

  • New Mac requirements: 10.9+, 64-bit only, FMP 14+
  • New Windows requirements: Vista and above, .NET 4.5.x, MSVC++ 2017 Redistributable
  • All new iOS version now included for use with the FileMaker iOS App SDK.
  • All new installer database now provided for easy installs.
  • The plug-in is now signed.
  • The plug-in is compiled against the latest FileMaker Plug-in API and makes use of new functions/features where available.
  • Added support for specifying SSH public/private key files.
  • Fixed issues with getting the initial remote directory.
  • Fixed issues with listing files on some ftp servers.
  • Updated with latest CNS Core changes.
  • Other small bug fixes.

3.6.0 (07/31/2018)

Major updates to FTP over SSH connections and other bug fixes

  • Updated the Account Configuration Dialog to aid setting up initial accounts.
  • Added SkipFile and SkipDirCheck optional parameters to the Remote Delete and Rename functions.
  • Fixed and updated several functions to better work with SFTP (FTP over SSH) connections.
  • Fixed and updated the file listing functions for servers that support the Machine Listing (MLST) commands.
  • Fixed other minor bugs and typos.
  • CNS Core: Updated UTF-8 encoding/decoding functions to latest specifications.
  • CNS Core: Rewrote the Windows file reference code to not use .NET.
  • CNS Core: Other minor bug fixes.

3.5.0 (08/15/2017)

FileMaker 16 Support including Script Steps

  • Added Script Steps for FileMaker 16+.
  • Added support for FileMaker 16 instant online help for Functions and Script Steps. Just click the small “question mark in a circle” button above the Function/Script Step definitions.
  • Fixed an issue with changing directories on older FTP servers.
  • Fixed issues with the LocalWriteFile function misinterpreting the parameters.
  • Fixed issues with the SetAccountOption function where you couldn’t set the DefaultMode or Passive options.
  • Fixed an issue with UploadText where anything but unicode formats were resulting in empty files.
  • Fixed an issue with UploadText and line endings.
  • Renamed several of the functions to make it easier to view them in FileMaker.
  • Updated Set/GetAccountOption to accept the old name for SecureType (old name was SSLType).
  • Fixed issues with parsing file information responses from the FTP Server.
  • Added SSLVerifyPeer and SSLVerifyHost options to the Accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with downloading files that would leave an empty file if the download failed.
  • Fixed issues with returning server error messages from SSH/SFTP connections.

3.0.1 (04/19/2017)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with using the new plug-in with existing solutions trying to call Configure, Register, Version, or VersionAutoUpdate
  • Fixed issue on Windows trying to list files on the root of a hard drive

3.0.0 (04/18/2017)

All new code, 64-bit, FTP over SSH, and much more

  • All new code written from the ground up.
  • Full 32- and 64-bit support.
  • Removed PPC support.
  • Compiled against the latest FileMaker Plug-in SDK.
  • Added support for FileMaker 15 function search and tooltip descriptions.
  • Thread safe code to keep the plug-in running strong, especially under FileMaker Server.
  • Years of CNS Core Code enhancements.
  • Updated GetLocalListItem and GetRemoteListItem to optionally return all the items in a format suitable for the virtual list technique.
  • Added ReadLocalFile and WriteLocalFile functions.
  • Added the DeleteContents parameter to RemoveLocalDir.
  • Added RenameLocalDir and RenameRemoteDir functions.
  • Added the DialogType and FileTypes parameters to the SelectLocalFileWithDialog function.
  • Added GetLocalFileTimestamp and GetRemoteFileTimestamp functions.

2.0.8 (10/17/2011)

Bug Fixes / Maintenance Release

  • Imported many core plug-in updates from other CNS Plug-ins.
  • Fixed an issue where some FTP servers require the transfer type to be set to Binary before returning a valid result for the SIZE command.
  • Fixed an issue with some FTP servers not accepting absolute paths for the SIZE command.
  • Updated remote file listing code to work with some AS 400 machines that are set to UNIX style listings.
  • Fixed plug-in issues that prevented the FTPit Pro Server Config database from working correctly.
  • Fixed issues with Accounts disappearing or reappearing when using the AddAccount and RemoveAccount functions.
  • Updated RemoteFileExists function to work better with some FTP servers that can’t handle spaces in the path.
  • Fixed issues with aborting transfers causing “thread timeout” errors.
  • Made aborting downloads work much faster.
  • Reworked secure transfers to be more reliable.
  • Fixed issues where errors from the Data Connection were not being reported to the user.
  • Reworked the upload code on Mac to be more reliable.

2.0.6 (04/14/2010)

FileMaker Pro 11 Compatibility / Bug Fixes

  • Improved the internal thread handling code.
  • Rewrote and updated some networking code on Windows.
  • Reworked Passive Uploads on Windows to work around some deadlocking problems.
  • Fixed an issue where DownloadText was no longer working.
  • Imported core plug-in updates from other CNS Plug-ins.
  • Updated code for FileMaker Pro 11 compatibility issues.

2.0.4 (06/29/2009)

Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • Updated MakeRemoteDir to create multiple subdirectories at once (MakeLocalDir already did this).
  • Updated the Listing and File Transferring functions to accept more response codes from the FTP Server as valid response codes.
  • Fixed an issue with downloading File Listings where it would not always retrieve all files.

2.0.3 (03/13/2009)

Fixed a bug that caused some uploads to fail.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some uploads to fail.

2.0.2 (03/02/2009)

Several bug fixes

  • Imported core updates from other CNS Plug-ins.
  • Fixed timeout issues with TLS/SSL connections on Windows.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue on Windows that caused some FTP servers to think transfers were being aborted.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Window Text” parameter to FTPit_StatusWindow wasn’t being used.
  • Fixed issues with using the Server Config Database with unregistered plug-ins (no more “plug-in expired” errors).
  • Fixed an issue where non-passive uploads on Windows weren’t working.

2.0 (10/27/2008)

Inital Public Release

  • Initial Public Release.