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SMTPit Pro

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Using the plug-in

Before you begin integrating the plug-in into your database, you need to decide how you will use the plug-in. Beginning with FileMaker Pro 16, plug-ins can have their own script steps in addition to the normal external function calls plug-ins have always used.

With SMTPit Pro 5.5 and higher, the plug-in adds script steps to work with the plug-in, which is considered the “Basic” method to access the plug-in. All versions of the plug-in include the external function calls, which is considered the “Advanced” method to use the plug-in. Below are the advantages and disadvantages for each method of using the plug-in.

Script steps

  • Easy to implement
  • Requires less knowledge of FileMaker calculations
  • Only available in FileMaker Pro 16 and above and SMTPit Pro 5.5 and above
  • Less versatile

External Functions

  • Provides most flexibility
  • Available in all versions of FileMaker and the plug-in
  • More complex to setup over the “Basic” usage
  • Requires proficiency in FileMaker calculations

How you use the plug-in depends on what you are trying to accomplish as well as your proficiency in FileMaker. You can also combine both methods by using script steps in combination with external functions so you are not committed to using just one method.