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CNS Query Remove Record By Find

NameCNS Query Remove Record By Find

Removes one or more records based on a find criteria.

FormatCNS Query Remove Record By Find ( File Name ; Table Name ; Find Criteria ; Case Sensitive ; Remove All Matches )
Required Parameters
Find Criteria

A return- or paragraph mark-separated list of “FieldName=FieldValue” pairs used to find the record. [Use “” to separate multiple values for a single field.]

Case Sensitive

If True, the plug-in will preserve the case in the find criteria. [Default is False.]

Remove All Matches

If True, the plug-in will remove all records that match the find criteria. [Default is False, which only removes the first record.]

Optional Parameters
File Name

The database file name.

Table Name

The name of the table occurrence that contains the record to remove. [Specify “” to use the current layout Table Occurrence.]