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CNS Query

Query your databases without relationships.

Script Steps

CNS Query Get Field Value By Find

NameCNS Query Get Field Value By Find

Retrieves the value of a single field using find criteria.

FormatCNS Query Get Field Value By Find ( Select entire contents ; Target ; File Name ; Table Name ; Field Name ; Find Criteria ; Case Sensitive )
Required Parameters
Field Name

The name of the field to get.

Find Criteria

A return- or paragraph mark-separated list of “FieldName=FieldValue” pairs used to find the record to query. [Use “” to separate multiple values for a single field.]

Case Sensitive

If True, the plug-in will preserve the case in the find criteria. [Default is False.]

Optional Parameters
Select entire contents

If checked, the target field or variable will be replaced by the result of this script step.


Specify the field or variable to receive the file path.

File Name

The database file name.

Table Name

The name of the table occurrence that contains the field to get.