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CNS Query

Query your databases without relationships.




This function Removes the Base Table corresponding to the Table Occurrence Name you specify. The first parameter is the Name of a Table Occurrence for the Table to Remove.

Return TypeText
FormatCNSQuery_RemoveTable ( TOName )
Required Parameters

The Name of the Table Occurrence corresponding to the Base Table you want to Remove. In FileMaker Pro 11 and above, you can optionally specify the Database Filename (without the “.fp7” extension) containing the TO in the format “FileName.TOName”.

Example 1

Removes the "MyOldTable" Table from the current Database File.

CNSQuery_RemoveTable( "MyOldTable" )
Example 2

In FileMaker Pro 11 and above, use this form to Remove a Base Table with the Table Occurrence specified in a separate, open Database file.

CNSQuery_RemoveTable( "AnotherFile.MyOldTable" )