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This function takes your XML menu definitions, parses them, and sets up menus to be displayed. For a complete understanding of this function, please see the XML reference. This function does not require that you use the root <CNSMenu> and </CNSMenu> tags unless you are using an internal DTD for entity definitions. If you do not use one of the root tags, you cannot use the other. In other words, both the opening <CNSMenu> and closing </CNSMenu> tags must be there, or both of the tags must not be there. You cannot have just the opening or just the closing tag. XML is case-sensitive so your tags and attributes must be lowercase to work with the plug-in.

Return TypeText
FormatCNSMenu_DefineXMLMenu ( XML )
Required Parameters

The XML that Defines your Menu(s).

Example 1

Creates a menu named "test" that calls the "menu click" script when an item is chosen.

CNSMenu_DefineXMLMenu( "<menu name='test' script='menu click'><menuitem name='a menu item'/></menu>" )