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CNS Barcode and FM Go ( .pdf ) - This document will walk you through the very simple process of integrating CNS Barcode with FileMaker Go. (Note: This document is for the older 1.3 version of the App, but the functionality is virtually the same. Some of the buttons or fields may be in a different place, but it should be easy enough to adapt.) After reading through the document to understand how it works, take a look below for more in-depth examples.

CNS Barcode Barebones database ( FM Go 12+ ) - This is a very simple database that contains examples of integrating FileMaker Go with CNS Barcode. You can either place this database directly on your iOS device or open it in FileMaker Pro on your desktop and share it with your iOS Device.

CNS Barcode URL Helper ( FM 12+ ) - This FileMaker Pro database allows you to easily create the needed URLs to work with CNS Barcode. See the readme.txt file that is included in the .zip download for more information on how to use the database.

CNS Barcode No Profile Find ( FM Go 12+ ) - This FileMaker database integrates CNS Barcode and FileMaker Go allowing you to scan a barcode and then perform a Find for that barcode in your database. This example makes use of the one-time settings option which allows you to set the CNS Barcode app parameters in the URL that launches the app. Calling the app this way allows you to start scanning immediately without setting up profiles in the app.