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POP3it Pro

Email downloading made easy.

POP3it Pro allows you to connect to a POP3 Email Server and download your email directly into your FileMaker Pro database. With the advances in FileMaker Pro 7 and above, POP3it Pro has even more freedom to work with your email databases and to work faster than ever before. Some of the newest features are no-script downloading, SSL/TLS support, import emails from other email programs, integrated account management, and a cancel button on the status window. For a complete list of features and their descriptions, see the Features section.


No-Script Downloading Add email downloading to your database without having to write a single script!

SSL/TLS Support Download email from secure mail servers like Gmail.

Integrated Account Management Set up all your accounts within the plug-in instead of creating a database to store them.

Cancel Downloading The new status window contains a Cancel button to gracefully quit those long downloads.

Simplified Calculation Functions Use the easy functions for quick set ups, or turn on the Advanced Functions to add power to your databases.

Contain Those Attachments Download attachments directly into container fields in your database.

Ignore Certain Attachments You can now examine attachment names before extracting them and only extract those attachments you want.

Advanced GoToMessage The new GoToMessage function can go to any message by number or Unique ID.

Reply Easier New QuoteMessage function allows you to quote reply messages just like an email client.

Timestamp Messages POP3it Pro now returns message dates as Timestamps so you no longer have to convert the date format yourself.

All New Plug-in Completely rewritten from the ground up based on years of experience in developing FileMaker Pro plug-ins.

Extract What You Need POP3it Pro’s advanced functions allow you to extract only what you need out of email.

Easy Loops POP3it Pro’s Connect, GoToMessage, and Disconnect functions make looping through your messages a snap.

Attachments Where You Want Them Tell POP3it to save attachments anywhere on your hard drive. You can even base that location on the message content itself.

Server Version

In addition to the FileMaker Pro Client version of POP3it Pro, we also have a FileMaker Server Edition of POP3it Pro available. The Server Edition can be installed on FileMaker Server to be used with Perform Script on Server, Server Scheduled Scripts, and/or custom/instant web publishing and WebDirect. For more information about the Server Edition of POP3it Pro, see the documentation.


Mac10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, Apple Silicon, 11.5, 11.6, 12.0, 13.0, 14.0
WinVista, 7, 8, 10, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.x, Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package, 11
FileMaker Pro14.x (32Win), 14.x (64), 15.x (32Win), 15.x (64), 16.x (32Win), 16.x (64), 17.x (32Win), 17.x (64), 18.x (32Win), 18.x (64), 19.x, 2023, 20.x
FileMaker Server12.x, 13.x, 14.x, 15.x, 16.x, 17.x, 18.x, 19.x, 2023, 20.x

Version History

6.3.0 (11/23/2022)

Linux Server support and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with script steps not properly appearing.
  • Now works with FileMaker Server on Ubuntu Linux.
  • Updated with latest CNS Core changes.

6.2.1 (07/22/2021)

Fixed issue where Script Steps weren't available

  • Fixed issue where Script Steps weren’t available.

6.2.0 (07/21/2021)

Now compatible with Apple Silicon Macs

  • Now fully compatible with Apple Silicon based Macs
  • Fixed an issue decoding emails with a singular attachment part

6.1 (03/24/2021)

New TLS Version Setting + Bug Fixes

  • Minimum TLS Version has been changed to 1.2
  • New option to set the TLS Version
  • Fixed an issue where blank lines would disappear from Quoted Printable encoded emails
  • Fixed issues with downloading emails where emails would occasionally become corrupt or missing information
  • Improved memory management while downloading emails
  • Fixed issues setting some authentication types via script
  • Fixed issues with using SSL/TLS connections under FileMaker Server on Windows
  • Fixed issues with decoding some multibyte character (ie. non-English) emails encoded with Base64
  • Fixed issues with marking emails for deletion not actually getting deleted when using the CheckAccount function
  • Added the ability to set/get the SSL Verify Host/Peer settings with Set/GetAccountOption functions
  • Fixed issues with selecting/specifying files on Google Drive shares
  • Updated with latest CNS Core changes
  • Various internal bug fixes

6.0.0 (06/14/2019)

New OS Reqs + New iOS Version + New Installer

  • New Mac requirements: 10.9+, 64-bit only, FMP 14+
  • New Windows requirements: Vista and above, .NET 4.5.x, MSVC++ 2017 Redistributable
  • All new iOS version now included for use with the FileMaker iOS App SDK.
  • All new installer database now provided for easy installs.
  • The plug-in is now signed.
  • The plug-in is compiled against the latest FileMaker Plug-in API and makes use of new functions/features where available.
  • Fixed an issue with random blank lines were being added to the email body.
  • Fixed an issue where QP encoded line endings were not being decoded properly.
  • Changed how the plug-in inserted records into the database to allow high unicode characters such as emojis to be properly inserted.
  • Changed the underlying communication library for better performance.
  • Renamed VersionAutoUpdate function to VersionNumber to reflect the times.
  • Updated with latest CNS Core changes.
  • Other small bug fixes.

5.5.1 (07/26/2018)

HTML Images as Data URIs and lots of bug fixes.

  • Added the ability to convert HTML inline images into Data URIs in HTML emails to avoid having to reference files.
  • Fixed issues with the CheckAccount function not returning results.
  • Fixed issues inserting emails into the Messages table.
  • Updated the Account Configuration Dialog to aid setting up initial accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where character set specifications were showing up in decoded text.
  • Fixed issues (including a crashing bug) when reading in email full source from the hard drive.
  • CNS Core: Fixed issues with Endianess when working with files.
  • CNS Core: Updated Mac File Reference code to use latest OS functions.
  • CNS Core: Fixed issues with deleting directories on Mac.
  • CNS Core: Updated UTF-8 encoding/decoding functions to latest specifications.
  • CNS Core: Rewrote the Windows file reference code to not use .NET.
  • CNS Core: Other minor bug fixes.

5.5.0 (07/12/2017)

Updates for FileMaker 16 + Bug fixes

  • Added Script Steps when running POP3it Pro under FileMaker 16.
  • Added support for FileMaker 16 online help for Functions and Script Steps; just click the small question mark button next to the description.
  • Fixed a crashing issued decoding certain Japanese emails using Quoted-Printable encoding.
  • Added an option for adding inline attachments to the POP3it_Attachments table.
  • Fixed issues importing preferences and accounts from previous versions of the plug-in.
  • Fixed issues with the AutoCheck feature never starting.
  • Fixed issues with decoding multipart/signed emails.
  • Fixed a crashing issue dealing with the Specify Table Dialog and a missing POP3it_Attachments table.
  • Imported updates from other CNS Plug-ins.

5.1.0 (01/11/2017)

Updates for FileMaker 15, Multi-threaded code updates, New File Functions, and More

  • Fixed a bug with extracting attachment filenames out to Content-Type headers.
  • Fixed issues in the Account Configuration Dialog with the Database and Script comboboxes not updating correctly.
  • Fixed issues with the Account Configuration Dialog deleting stored passwords.
  • Fixed issues with retrieving and maintaining the list of UIDLs when deleting messages from the server.
  • Fixed issues with accounts with auto-check settings that called FileMaker scripts not running at the specified time.
  • Removed an email parsing workaround for old versions of Outlook that has now started to cause issues.
  • Added support for FileMaker 15 plug-in features like type-ahead and calculation function completion, as well as some internal features.
  • Added some very important thread-safety features to make sure the plug-in runs without issues, especially under FileMaker Server.
  • Removed old External() functions.
  • Updated the File_DeleteFolder and File_SelectFileWithDialog functions with some new parameters/features.
  • Added new file functions: File_Read, File_Write, File_Timestamp, and File_List.

5.0.0 (04/05/2016)

Full, cross-platform, 64-bit GUI support + bug fixes

  • All GUI components are now 64-bit cross platform.
  • Fixed several issues with base64 encoded emails.
  • Fixed issues (some causing crashes) dealing with dates and times.
  • Fixed issues determining time offsets that affected several parts of the plug-in.
  • Fixed an issue with returning all UIDLs from GetUniqueID.
  • Fixed issues with disabling Auto Check Scripts.
  • Fixed issues with enabling Auto Check to a Table using the SetAccountOption function.
  • Fixed issues with emails containing inline email attachments (eg. forwarded emails).
  • Fixed issues with decoding email headers containing more than one encoded block.
  • Fixed issues with the DisplayEmail function on Mac where the message would disappear if scrolled.
  • Fixed a rare issue involving setting an Alternate Message Table while still having a table with the original name in the database.
  • Updated CheckAccount to save attachments in uniquely named folders to avoid speed issues when downloading multiple emails containing attachments with the same name.
  • Fixed issues with Registration when copying and pasting license keys from PDFs.
  • Updated the email parsing code to save temp files in uniquely named folders to avoid speed issues.
  • Fixed issues with CheckAccount dealing with already downloaded emails, especially if the plug-in has a problem connecting.
  • Fixed an issue where GetFullSource wasn’t always working on Windows.
  • Fixed several issues with the Status Window and showing progress.
  • Fixed issues with downloading emails from Gmail.
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements to the plug-in and CNS Core Code.

4.5.0 (07/22/2015)

All new version including 64-bit client and server support

  • Almost complete rewrite of the plug-in.
  • Added 64-bit support for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Server (including Scheduled Scripts and Web Direct).
  • Drop-in replacement of previous version (no need to rewrite calculations).
  • Removed PPC support from Mac plug-in.
  • Increased the Server Demo Period to 2 hours to allow more time to test.
  • Includes updates and bug fixes to CNS Core code.

4.1.14 (01/13/2014)

Bug Fixes / FMP 13 Compatibility

  • Fixed an issue with decoding long attachment names.
  • Imported core plug-in updates from other CNS Plug-ins.
  • Fixed an issue with the CheckAccount function not working under FileMaker Pro 13.

4.1.13 (01/13/2012)

Fixed GetUniqueID bugs

  • Fixed several issues/bugs related to GetUniqueID function.

4.1.12 (01/02/2012)

Bug Fixes / New Feature

  • Fixed an issue with decoding some BIG5 (Chinese) emails.
  • Reworked some of the core network code to work more reliably, especially under FileMaker Server.
  • Imported core plug-in updates.
  • Added a new “All” parameter to the GetUniqueID function for returning all the Unique IDs at once.

4.1.9 (06/01/2010)

Bug Fixes / Maintenance Update

  • Fixed a bug in CheckAccount with inserting emails with blank date values. The new email record wasn’t passing the validation checks.
  • Updated the code that determines a filename for unnamed (inline) attachments to guess the correct extension based on the Content-Type of the attachment instead of just using the extension .zzz.
  • Added in some code to work around PDFs that are incorrectly encoded with Quoted-Printable encoding by Outlook/Exchange.
  • Imported many core updates from other CNS Plug-ins.

4.1.8 (03/25/2010)

FileMaker Pro 11 Compatibility / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare hanging bug on Mac when trying reconnect after a failed connection attempt.
  • Fixed problems with not being able to switch Accounts in the Account Setup Dialog on Mac under FileMaker Pro 11.
  • Fixed issues with the plug-in not finding the POP3it Email/Attachment tables when using CheckAccount under FileMaker Pro 11.
  • Fixed issues with generating Demo Keys for names with spaces in them.

4.1.6 (09/21/2009)

Fixes for decoding emails / New Full Source features

  • Added code to handle email text that is marked as UTF-8 but is actually ISO-8859–1.
  • Fixed a bug where the AutoCheckEmail functionality could go into an endless loop.
  • Extended the GetFullSource function to allow saving the full source to a file instead of returning it to FileMaker Pro.
  • Extended the DisplayMessage function to allow displaying a full source message file instead of the full source from a field (to coincide with the new GetFullSource functionality).
  • Fixed another issue with the CheckAccount function showing the Status Window even when specifying “false” to not show it.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cancel button on the Status Window wasn’t stopping the CheckAccount function.
  • Reworded the parameters and definitions for several functions dealing with unreferenced inline images to better indicate what the parameter is for.
  • Fixed a bug in GetAttachment where unreferenced inline images could not be pulled into a container field.

4.1.5 (05/04/2009)

Several Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with CheckAccount where some new emails were not being downloaded because the UIDL checking code was case-insensitive.
  • Corrected a couple of Registration bugs.
  • Updated the Server Plug-in code to allow AddAccount, GetAccountNames, GetAccountOption, RemoveAccount, and SetAccountOption to run even if the Demo Timeout has expired. This keeps the Server Config database from returning errors during testing.
  • Added some code to better handle Apple Mails that only contained a single image.
  • Fixed a bug with the Attachment FileName decoding of Apple Mail generated emails.

4.1.4 (01/19/2009)

Account Checking Improvements / Low-level updates

  • Modified the Auto Check code to only initiate the check if the user has been idle for a while to make it less interruptive.
  • Fixed a bug dealing with adding an account and then immediately changing it.
  • Fixed a bug with Developer Passwords.
  • Fixed a bug where IsConnected could incorrectly report that it was connected.
  • Imported core plug-in updates from other CNS Plug-ins.
  • Improved speed and resource usage in the Check Account function.
  • Fixed a low level networking issue on Windows.

4.1 (09/09/2008)

New Server Edition / Many bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with retrieving unreferenced inline images/attachments.
  • Fixed a bug where the Status Window was always showing when using the CheckAccount function, despite what parameters were passed in.
  • Changed the way the plug-in indicates to the mail server that it’s still busy/active.
  • Fixed issues with the “Timed out waiting for Thread to Respond” errors.
  • Updated the core protocol code based on other plug-ins.
  • Updated the Status Window code to be more responsive.
  • Fixed slow downs with the SetAccountOption function.
  • Rewrote the CheckAccount function to work in batches of 25 messages to help with speed, responsiveness, and stability.
  • Updated core plug-in code based on other plug-ins to bring Server-side support, among other things.
  • Updated the Account loading code to reread account files if they’ve changed on the hard drive.
  • Fixed issues with malformed emails.

4.0.5 (03/18/2008)

Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with DisplayMessage where the content wasn’t showing up if the Subject had a Question Mark in it.
  • Fixed some bugs dealing with closing files on the Mac platform.
  • Fixed a bug in SaveAttachment where it wasn’t saving Attachments in the correct place in certain circumstances.
  • Completely rewrote/reworked the Attachment/Referenced Inline Attachment/Unreferenced Inline Attachment code to better handle emails, especially those coming from Apple’s Mail.
  • Fixed a bug with plain text emails not passing through character conversion routines to display non-English characters in FileMaker Pro.
  • Fixed an issue with renaming files.
  • Rewrote the majority of the low-level Protocol code to be more stable and work faster.
  • Fixed some issues with the SSL/TLS code.
  • Added some code to deal with POP3 Servers that don’t allow any commands before Authentication.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes/changes based on other plug-in code.

4.0.1 (09/11/2007)

Bug Fixes / Updated Functions

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the plug-in’s functions to disappear after viewing the Configuration Dialog.
  • Fixed some bugs dealing with registration.
  • Fixed a bug dealing with inserting the email records in databases using non-US date/time formats.
  • Fixed some bugs dealing with character translations to Unicode (mostly issues with the Chinese character set “gb2312”).
  • Added a new parameter to all the Attachment related functions to retrieve information about and extract Inline Attachments/Images.
  • Fixed some issues with the Developer’s Mode versions of the plug-in’s functions.
  • Added an “AttachPath” parameter to ConnectFile so the plug-in knows where to save attachments and inline images.
  • Various other minor updates to the core plug-in code.

4.0 (08/01/2007)

Inital 4.0.0 Release

Inital 4.0.0 Release