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How do I turn on the Old Style Functions in the Pro plug-ins

As of v3.0.0, Backward Compatibility has been removed from FTPit Pro.

If you want to upgrade from a Classic plug-in to a Pro plug-in, but not rewrite your scripts right away (from the old classic syntax), you can turn on the Backward Compatibility option. We highly suggest updating your scripts to the Pro functions as this option is just meant to be a temporary solution until scripts can be updated. This option may be removed in the future depending on changes in future versions of FileMaker and the plug-in. See the Porting Guide for more information on updating your scripts..

The backward compatibility option does not work under all versions of FileMaker.

Works: FileMaker 7–13
Does not Work: FileMaker 14 and higher (32-bit and 64-bit), FileMaker Pro 11.0v1 (update to 11.0v4)

Works: FileMaker 7–13, FileMaker 14 32-bit
Does not Work: FileMaker 14 64-bit

Configuration Dialog

To turn this option on via the configuration dialog, open FileMaker and go to the FileMaker Menu (on Mac) or Edit (on Windows), Preferences, Plug-ins tab, double-click the plug-in name, and select the Advanced tab. Finally, select either “Enable Old Style Functions” or “Enable Both”. Next, click OK on all the dialogs, and then restart FileMaker. Your scripts that were written for the old plug-in will now continue to work with the Pro plug-in.

Advanced Tab


You can also set the backward compatibility option via script using the plug-in’s functions. The “FTPit_Configure” function allows this. There are two preferences when working with this option, the “UseNewFunctions”, and the “UseOldFunctions”. Both preferences are boolean values, and the “UseNewFunctions” preference is enabled by default (i.e. has a value of 1). This means by default, the plug-in is set to the following:

New Style Functions - 1 (enabled)
Old Style Functions - 0 (disabled)

In order to enable backward compatibility (e.g. turn on the old style functions), use the Configure function to set the “OldStyleFunctions” preference to 1. For example:

FTPit_Configure( “Set”; “UseOldFunctions”; 1 )

Calling this function is the equivalent of setting the backward compatibility option in the configuration dialog to “both”. Note, there is no need to set the “UseNewFunctions” preference to 1 as it is already set to this by default. You will still need to restart FileMaker before the Old Style functions will appear in FileMaker.

You can also retrieve the current value of the preferences using the “Get” option and the name of the preference. For example:

FTPit_Configure( “Get”; “UseOldFunctions” )