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CNSMenu File Write

NameCNSMenu File Write

Writes data out to a file.

FormatCNSMenu File Write ( Data ; File ; File Exists Action ; Character Set ; Line Ending Type ; Include Unicode )
Required Parameters

The data to write.


The path and file name of the file to write.

Optional Parameters
File Exists Action

Choose what happens if the file already exists. “Abort” will abort the script step. “Overwrite” will overwrite the file. “Backup” will rename the existing file before creating a new file. “Append” will append the new data to the end of the existing file. “Unique” will create a new file with a unique file name to write the data to.

Character Set

Choose the character set for the file data.

Line Ending Type

Choose which line endings to use.

Include Unicode

If checked, and the character set is a unicode set, and the file is being created, this will include a unicode byte order mark.