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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop the license agreement from showing?

When you register the plug-in, you must agree to the license agreement or you cannot register. If you are registering the plug-in every time your solution opens, then the license agreement is going to show every time. You can, however, add an extra parameter to the register function to automatically agree to the license and the window will never show. Add the fourth parameter to the Register function like this:

MMColor_Register( “FirstName” ; “LastName” ; “RegNumber” ; “I Accept the License Agreement” )

This is only needed for license holders who have World Licenses that have a startup script which registers the plugin every time the solution starts.

Important Note
All licenses (excluding the Developer license) save the registration to the computer, so registration only needs to be done once. If you use a startup script like this with a license other than the World, you may inadvertently exceed your license using this parameter.

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Does the plug-in work with FileMaker Pro 15?

The current version of the plug-in is only 32-bit, so it will only work with the 32-bit version of FileMaker Pro 15 on Windows. FileMaker Pro 15 for OSX is only available as 64-bit, so the plug-in will not work at all under FileMaker Pro 15 on OSX. A future update will make the plug-in 64-bit and allow it to work under both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of FileMaker Pro. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Does the plug-in work with FileMaker Pro 14?

The current version of the plug-in is only 32-bit, so it will not work with the 64-bit version of FileMaker Pro 14 (FMP14) or FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced. To use the current version of the plug-in, you will need to run FMP14 as a 32-bit application. Even if you are running a 64-bit operating system, you can still run FMP14 as a 32-bit application.

###Windows### To run FMP14 as a 32-bit application, you will need to uninstall the 64-bit version of FMP14 and re-install it using the 32-bit installer.

###Mac OSX### To run FMP14 as a 32-bit application, close FileMaker Pro 14, Open a Finder Window and browse to the FileMaker Pro 14 or FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced folder.

Next, find the FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced application file, select it, right-click on it and choose Get Info.

Finally, put a checkmark in the Open in 32-bit mode box, close the Get Info window, and open the FMP14 application.

Set FM14 to run as a 32-bit application and the plug-in is still not showing as installed?
FileMaker must still be running in 64-bit mode even though the 32-bit option is selected. OSX or FileMaker has a strange problem with this, but we are not certain which one causes it. If you launch the FileMaker app directly from the Finder, it seems to always correctly open in 32/64-bit depending on the option you have set. If you launch FileMaker from a Spotlight search, the Dock, or other ways, whether it will properly open in 32/64-bit mode seems random. We have seen the FM14 v2 update fix this in some cases, even though the update does not mention this issue. If you are not using at least the v2 update, you may consider updating to the latest version of FilMaker Pro on FileMaker's website.
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