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Upgrading from MMColor

NameUpgrading from MMColor

If you have a database that used MMColor and now need it to work with CNS Image, you will need to update your calculations. While we tried our best to make this as easy as possible, it unfortunately doesn’t “just work”. If you do not update your calculations, they may appear correct when looking at your scripts, but FileMaker Pro will return the question mark (?) response when trying to run your scripts/calculations.

So, to update any of your old calculations that used the MMColor plug-in, you simply need to open those calculations, and then close them again. You shouldn’t have to type anything or update the calculation in any way; simply opening them will cause FileMaker Pro to update them. So, for example, if you have a Set Field script step that previously used MMColor’s GetColor function, all you need to do is open the calculation (by clicking on it or using the gear icon), which will update it to CNS Image’s GetHexColor function, and then press the “OK” button to close the calculation.

Here is the list of MMColor functions and their equivalent CNS Image functions:

  • MMColor_CreateColorImage => CNSImage_CreateHexColorImage
  • MMColor_DecToHex => CNSImage_DecToHex
  • MMColor_GetColor => CNSImage_GetHexColor
  • MMColor_GetColorComponent => CNSImage_GetHexColorComponent
  • MMColor_GetGrayscale => CNSImage_HexColorToGrayscale
  • MMColor_GetImageColor => CNSImage_GetImageHexColor
  • MMColor_HexToDec => CNSImage_HexToDec
  • MMColor_SetColorComponent => CNSImage_SetHexColorComponent
  • MMColor_ShowColorPicker => CNSImage_ShowColorPicker

Here is the list of MMColor functions that were not merged into CNS Image:

  • MMColor_GetScreenColor
  • MMColor_IsWebSafe
  • MMColor_SetLayoutPartHeights
  • MMColor_ShowColorSpaceSlider
  • MMColor_ShowSlider