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Import, edit, and export Images in the FileMaker environment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop the license agreement from showing?

When you register the plug-in, you must agree to the license agreement or you cannot register. If you are registering the plug-in every time your solution opens, then the license agreement is going to show every time. You can, however, add an extra parameter to the register function to automatically agree to the license and the window will never show. Add the fourth parameter to the Register function like this:

CNSImage_Register( “FirstName” ; “LastName” ; “RegNumber” ; “I Accept the License Agreement” )

This is only needed for license holders who have World Licenses that have a startup script which registers the plugin every time the solution starts.

Important Note
All licenses (excluding the Developer license) save the registration to the computer, so registration only needs to be done once. If you use a startup script like this with a license other than the World, you may inadvertently exceed your license using this parameter.

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What does ERROR: Ghostscript executable not found mean?

This error will occur if you attempt to Import or Convert From a PDF file without first installing Ghostscript. The plug-in cannot Import or Convert From PDF files without Ghostscript. Please see the Working with PDF Files section in the documentation for more information.

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Why does the plug-in not show up in FileMaker on Windows?

If you have installed the plug-in and it does not show up in FileMaker Pro or if the plug-in will not enable properly, try the following steps.

  1. Microsoft's .Net Framework

    Make sure you have the proper version of Microsoft’s .Net Framework installed on your computer. See the CNS Image installation page for more information.

  2. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

    Make sure the proper Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is installed on your computer. See the CNS Image installation page for more information.

  3. Restart Your Computer

    Sometimes it is necessary to restart before .NET and the Redistributable Package will work properly.
  4. Install all Windows updates

    Use Windows update to install all current updates for your computer. If your system is setup to automatically install Windows updates, you may want to manually force it to check for and install current updates to get the plug-in to work immediately.
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When converting a PDF, how do I get the highest quality image?

The CNSImage_Convert function can be used to convert a PDF to another format, but if you need the highest quality image as possible, use the CNSImage_GetLayer function. The CNSImage_GetLayer format looks like:

CNSImage_GetLayer (Image ; Layer ; HiRes )

The “HiRes” parameter of this function is specifically for converting PDF pages and will render the page at 300 DPI rather than 72 DPI screen resolution. For example:

Set Field [ table::converted ; CNSImage_GetLayer( table::source ; 1 ; True )]

This would convert page 1 of the PDF in the table::source field to a 300 DPI jpg image and place it in the table::converted field.

For more information about the CNSImage_GetLayer function, please see the function’s reference page.

The CNSImage_GetLayer function requires Ghostscript to be installed. Please see the Working With PDF Files section of the documentation for more information.
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Where can I download previous versions of the plug-in?

Previous versions of the plug-in can be downloaded from

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How do I update my MMColor database to use CNS Image?

Please see the Upgrading from MMColor General article.

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