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CNS Image

Import, edit, and export Images in the FileMaker environment

Configure the plug-in

Now the plug-in is installed, you can optionally set the default preferences in the “CNS Image Server Config” database that was included in the download.

The default preferences in the Configuration Database are only used if you do not set a preference in your scripts using the plug-in's functions. In other words, any preference you set in your scripts using the plug-in functions will be used *instead* of these values. Also note, the Configuration Database is not required in order to use the CNS Image SE plug-in.
Figure 1 Configuration Database for FileMaker 11 or below

The "CNS Image Server Config.fp7" database does not work in FileMaker Server 12. We are currently working on a fix for this. Note, the Configuration Database is not required in order to use the CNS Image SE plug-in.

Move Configuration Database to FileMaker Server

Before you can use the Configuration Database, you must upload it to your Server using the FileMaker Server Admin Console, or copy it into your "Databases" folder inside the "Data" folder on the FileMaker Server. If it is not already, enable the database within the FileMaker Server Admin Console.

Open Configuration Database

Once the database is on the FileMaker Server and enabled, you can open it either from a normal FileMaker Pro client computer or through Instant Web Publishing if it is enabled.

FileMaker Pro client

To open it from any FileMaker Pro client computer, choose the "Open Remote..." command from the "File" menu. If your FileMaker Server is set to "List only the databases each user is authorized to access", then use the username "Admin" with no password to see the database in the "Open Remote File" dialog (see note below). If you are using FileMaker 11 or below, you will also need to install the client version of CNS Image on your FileMaker Pro client computer if you have not already done so.

Instant Web Publishing

To open the database through Instant Web Publishing, connect to the default Instant Web Publishing page (http://your.server.machine/fmi/iwp/) and select the "CNS Image Server Config" link. Log in with the username "Admin" with no password (see note below).

Edit and Save Preferences

FileMaker 11 or below - FileMaker Pro client or Instant Web Publishing

With the configuration database opened through the FileMaker Pro client or Instant Web Publishing, you can configure the preferences for the plug-in on the server. When you close the database, make sure to use the "Close" button if you want to save any changes you made.


  • If you manually copy the database to your Server, make sure the file permissions are set correctly for you to be able to edit the database.
  • It is highly recommended that you adjust the Accounts & Privileges to at least add a password to the Admin account. Otherwise, anyone with access to your FileMaker Server will be able to open this database and adjust the preferences for the plug-in on your server.