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Email Sending Speed Considerations

There are many many factors that determine the speed of sending, and with some testing you can pinpoint what exactly is causing a bottleneck.

Some factors that determine the speed include, but are not limited to; database design, scripting, size of the email (e.g. attachments, inline images, etc), speed of the computer running the plug-in, location of the mail server in relation to the the plug-in, connection speed between the mail server and client, and network congestion or a heavily used mail server.

To determine the bottleneck, it will require testing, more testing, and even more testing. Each test will rule out a possible factor, so in the end, the process is simply trial and error.

This script would send an email that contained a Subject that was the same for all recipients and a Body that was unique to each recipient. This is the most efficient way to send this specific mailing since only the Body (and of course the To Address) is set inside the Loop.

Note, the above script is very basic does not include error checking and is simply meant to display the proper way to take advantage of the caching the plug-in does.