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CNS Audit

An Audit Trail Plug-in for FileMaker Pro.




CNS Audit uses a cache system to speed up the process of auditing records as a user changes them. This cache is normally cleared out during the few seconds here and there when the user is not actively doing anything and the database is sitting idle. However, if many records are being changed without any down time (such as during an import or lengthy script), the cache system can get backed up. This function can be used in a Shutdown script for your database to clear out the user’s cache before completely closing the database. If the user cancels the operation, the plug-in will continue processing the cache the next time the database is opened.

Return TypeText
FormatCNSAudit_ShutdownFile ( AllowCancel )
Optional Parameters

If False and there is enough data in the Audit Trail Cache to bring up a progress dialog, this disables the Cancel Button. (Default is True.)