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CNS Audit

An Audit Trail Plug-in for FileMaker Pro.


Safeguarding your data is an important, and often daunting, task. We at CNS Plug-ins want to help ease your mind. CNS Audit is a plug-in that takes the headache out of creating an Audit Trail of your data. Whether you just want peace of mind about being able to get a record back that you have accidentally deleted or if you have to comply to regulatory mandates like HIPAA, you can use CNS Audit to create an Audit Trail of your data within minutes.

No longer do you need complicated database structures using auto-enter calculations and countless fields just to add Audit Trails to your database. CNS Audit can perform a full field-level Audit Trail of your data all with adding only two fields to your table and adding a Limited Delete Privilege to any Privilege Set defined for your table. CNS Audit performs everything in the background, meaning your users will not notice any slow downs or odd screen flashes common with the complicated Audit Trail database structures of old.

You can literally start keeping an Audit Trail of your data within a minute of installing CNS Audit, but the plug-in also provides you with an extensive Setup Dialog you can use to customize every aspect of the Audit Trail to your needs. In the Setup Dialog you can specify exactly which fields to include in the Audit Trail as well as any Custom Log Fields to include in the Audit Table. You can choose to Audit all fields in a table, only those fields on the current layout, only those fields on a specific layout, only those fields that match some specific pattern, or only those fields you specify. With the Custom Log Fields, you can add any number of custom fields and specify the name for the field as well as a calculation to perform for the value of the field.

CNS Audit is your one stop shop for adding an Audit Trail to your databases on either the Windows or Mac platforms for any version of FileMaker 7.0v3 and above. Get your copy today and leave the data safeguarding to CNS Audit.


Easy Setup The included Setup Guide walks you through the very simple process of adding CNS Audit to your database.

Small Footprint CNS Audit only needs 2 fields per table and a Limited Delete Privilege for every Privilege Set defined to create the Audit Trail.

Simple Functions CNS Audit’s main logging function only takes 2 parameters, both of which are the two fields you add to your table. CNS Audit’s access log function also only has 2 parameters, and only one of them is actually required.

Complete Logging CNS Audit is a full field-level auditing plug-in, logging not only the current table, but also every related table in the current context.

Extensive Setup Dialog If CNS Audit’s default logging preferences do not completely suit your situation, you can use the Setup Dialog to define exactly which fields to log as well as any Custom Log Fields you need.

Custom Log Fields Add Custom Log Fields to the database where you define calculations to evaluate for the values of the Custom Log Fields.

Rollback Support Undo field level changes or undelete entire records.

Initialization Feature Initialized the CNS Audit Log table with a snapshot of your database at the point you implement the plug-in. Any modification after that can be easily undone.


Mac10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
Win2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
FileMaker Pro7.0v3, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x

Version History

1.5.1 (04/30/2014)

FileMaker Pro 13 Compatibility / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with RollBack under FileMaker Pro 11+ where non-text fields were not properly being rolled back to valid values (eg. date fields would show a ? until you clicked in the field).
  • Fixed some networking issues (mainly on Windows).
  • Updated to newer version of SQLite, which also upped the OS X requirements to 10.5.
  • Changed some SQLite settings to make the cache faster.
  • Fixed all known issues with internal SQL under FileMaker Pro 13.
  • Modified the Record View/Open functions slightly to reduce the number of Access Log entries under FileMaker 12+.

1.5 (07/26/2010)

Significant Speed Improvements / Multi-file/Data Separation support

  • Fixed a bug with the ListSiblingIDs function not working correctly.
  • Consolidated internal code for the main logging functions to help in fixing many issues spread out across the functions.
  • Updated the file caching code to take advantage of FileMaker Pro 11 features, including the ability to track schema changes and reload automatically. The FileMaker Pro 11 code also does not rely on the FieldIDs function anymore, alleviating the need to keep Layout names distinct from TO names.
  • Renamed the Record function to RecordChange.
  • Added RecordView and RecordOpen functions to better handle those actions without creating extraneous records in the CNS Access Log table.
  • Reworked the SuspendFile feature to make sense with the new functions.
  • Fixed issues with loading/saving the Preferences from/to the CNS Audit Prefs table under FileMaker Pro 11.
  • Added support for multi-file/data separation databases.
  • Fixed several issues related to FileMaker Pro 11’s new internal SQL interface.
  • Imported core plug-in updates from other CNS Plug-ins.
  • Added significant speed improvements throughout the plug-in, especially in the Init code and in processing the audit cache.
  • Fixed some internal FileMaker calculations the plug-in was evaluating to use semicolons instead of commas, fixing issues with non-English locales.
  • Added “Create Audit Tables” and “Check for Layout Conflicts” buttons to the Configuration Dialog to make it easier to set up a database for use with the plug-in.
  • Fixed a bug in the Rollback function where it couldn’t duplicate the record’s history.
  • Fixed a bug dealing with locating the record to audit and causing “New Portal Record” to show up in the CNS Audit Trigger field.

1.0.3 (04/01/2010)

FileMaker Pro 11 Compatibility

  • Fixed a problem with the Windows version not working under FileMaker Pro 11.
  • Imported updates from other CNS Plug-ins.

1.0.2 (02/22/2010)

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • Fixed some stability issues in the plug-in’s idle code.
  • Updated Init function to also find records that were not previously audited correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the AccessLog function where it wouldn’t work properly when the active table didn’t have the CNS Audit Timestamp/Trigger fields.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rollback function where it couldn’t copy the record history if the user had added non-editable fields to the CNS Audit Log table.
  • Updated/Improved core SQL functions to speed up the plug-in even more.
  • The Mac plug-in now requires at least Mac OS X 10.4 to run.

1.0 (08/12/2009)

1.0 Final Release - Many improvements

  • Rewrote core Record and AccessLog functions and many other internal functions to increase the auditing speed up to 100 times faster than previous versions.
  • Added RecordDelete function for specifically auditing record deletions to deal with issues like double delete entries in the CNS Audit Log table.
  • Added RollBack function for undoing field changes and record deletions.
  • Added StartupFile and ShutdownFile functions to setup or close down CNS Audit for database files as they are opened and closed.
  • Added an Action field to the CNS Audit Log table for recording what type of change prompted the creation of the audit record.
  • Added a FileName field to the CNS Audit Log and CNS Access Log tables for recording the file name of the database that contains the field or action being audited.
  • Added a MachineAddress field to the CNS Audit Log and CNS Access Log tables for storing the IP and NIC Addresses of the machine where the audit occurred.
  • Added ListSiblingIDs function to retrieve a list of Sibling Table IDs for any specific table to aid in processing the CNS Audit Log table.
  • Added VersionAutoUpdate function for easily getting version information for use with Auto Update.
  • Added Init function for created Audit Log entries for existing databases once the plug-in has been implemented.
  • Imported core plug-in updates from other CNS Plug-ins.

0.5.3 (09/17/2007)

Fixed a few bugs, Updated a few functions, Added a few functions

  • Fixed a bug where leading zeros were getting stripped from numbers in text fields.
  • Fixed some issues with validation on the CNS Audit Log and CNS Access Log tables for non-US date formats.
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving a Demo License Key using the system Proxy settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the AccessLog function was failing if the Current Layout was Showing Records from a Table that does not contain the CNS Audit Timestamp or CNS Audit Trigger fields.
  • Updated the code to only allow [Full Access] users to view the Configuration Dialog and the Table Setup Dialog.
  • Renamed the “ShowConfigDialog” function to “Configure” and added the ability to get or set the default values in the Configuration Dialog from the function.
  • Renamed the “Setup” function to “TableSetup” to distinguish it from the above “Configure” function.
  • Added an option to the Configuration Dialog to suspend Auditing if the user has [Full Access] privileges.
  • Added a “Suspend” function for enabling/disabling Auditing by File. Auditing is enabled by default when a File is opened. Only [Full Access] users can call the function.
  • Updated and Cleaned the Example Database for the fixes/additions above.

0.5.1 (08/20/2007)

Fixed a couple of bugs, one which made FileMaker crash; Updated Example Database

  • Fixed a bug where the plug-in’s functions could disappear after viewing the Configuration Dialog.
  • Fixed some bugs dealing with registering the plug-in.
  • Fixed a bug with the CNSAudit_AccessLog function that was causing a crash.
  • Updated the example database to include an example of how to log Record Deletions.
  • Updated the example database to include an example of how to log when a user runs a script.
  • Updated the example database to add a script to bring up the CNS Audit Table Preferences setup dialog.

0.5 (08/06/2007)

Initial Preview Release

  • Initial Preview Release