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CNS Audit

An Audit Trail Plug-in for FileMaker Pro.




This function creates an initial set of Audit Trail data from an existing database. After setting up your database with the CNS Audit Timestamp and CNS Audit Trigger fields, this function can be used to scan through every record in your database to create the initial Audit Trail data.

Note: This function examines every single record in every single table that has been set up for auditing and will create a record in the CNS Audit Log table for every single field in each of those records. For any database that has a moderate to large number of records, the CNSAudit_Init function can take hours to complete and will easily triple or quadruple the size of your database. Unless it’s absolutely necessary that you have a full audit of every single record in your database (eg. to recreate the database from an empty clone), using the CNSAudit_RecordOpen solution in the CNS Audit Setup Guide to only track changes as they happen is probably a better choice.

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