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Am I required to use the built-in Accounts

Using the accounts is required, but if you prefer to not use them, you can implement the following to basically ignore them. This method is similar to how the Classic POP3it plug-in worked, so if you used that plug-in and want to use POP3it Pro in the same way, this is the best way to do so.

Your script will first need to create an Account, and you can name it whatever you like. This is done using the POP3it_Adv_AddAccount function. The script then needs to set the Account details using the POP3it_Adv_SetAccountOption function. The Set Field/Variable calculation in your script would look like the following.

POP3it_Adv_AddAccount( “The_Server” ) & “¶” &

POP3it_Adv_SetAccountOption( “The_Server”; “Host” ; DB::Host) & “¶” &

POP3it_Adv_SetAccountOption( “The_Server”; “Port” ; DB::Port) & “¶” &

POP3it_Adv_SetAccountOption( “The_Server”; “Username” ; DB::Username ) & “¶” &

POP3it_Adv_SetAccountOption( “The_Server”; “Password” ; DB::Password )

You could also add other Account Options not shown above using this method. Look at the POP3it_Adv_SetAccountOption function reference found in the Functions section for a list of all the available options you can set.

If you added this calculation to the start of your POP3it Pro scripts, you could then dynamically change Servers as needed based on fields, variables, or other criteria. Your scripts would always make the plug-in connect to the same account, but you would simply be changing the account details as needed.

Calling the AddAccount function multiple times with the same account name will not hurt anything. If the account already exists, the function will simply return something like "Account already exists". This is not a problem.