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deletemenuitem Object

Namedeletemenuitem Object

An object with a “type” value of “deletemenuitem” allows you to delete a menu item from any menu you have previously defined. This object is used by itself and does not need to appear within the “menu” or “submenu” objects. You need to at least define the “name” value to have a valid “deletemenuitem” object. This object has one value (besides the “type” value), which is required.

{ "type" : "deletemenuitem", "name" : "menu item path" }
Required Values
  • "name"
    Defines the "path" to the menu item that you are deleting. The "path" is made up of the menu name, followed by any submenu names, followed by the actual name of the menu item, all separated with the forward-slash, and looks like "menu name/submenu name/menu item name".