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CNS Image

Import, edit, and export Images in the FileMaker environment

Script Steps

CNSImage Export

NameCNSImage Export

Exports an image to disk.

FormatCNSImage Export ( Image ; Path ; Prompt ; Allow Convert ; Type List )
Required Parameters

The image or file path to an image you want to export/copy.

Optional Parameters

The path and file name for the exported image. [Specify "" or omit file name to display Save File dialog].


A message to display in the Save File dialog.

Allow Convert

If True, this allows you to select an alternate image type to convert to as you export. [Only available if the Save File dialog is displayed.]

Type List

A semicolon-delimited list of image types the user is allowed to convert to. [Valid types are: "JPEG", "GIF", "PNG", "BMP", "PICT", "TIFF", "PSD", "SGI", "TGA"]