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CNS Audit

An Audit Trail Plug-in for FileMaker Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop the license agreement from showing?

When you register the plug-in, you must agree to the license agreement or you cannot register. If you are registering the plug-in every time your solution opens, then the license agreement is going to show every time. You can, however, add an extra parameter to the register function to automatically agree to the license and the window will never show. Add the fourth parameter to the Register function like this:

CNSAudit_Register( “FirstName” ; “LastName” ; “RegNumber” ; “I Accept the License Agreement” )

This is only needed for license holders who have World Licenses that have a startup script which registers the plugin every time the solution starts.

Important Note
All licenses (excluding the Developer license) save the registration to the computer, so registration only needs to be done once. If you use a startup script like this with a license other than the World, you may inadvertently exceed your license using this parameter.

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Is there a server edition of CNS Audit?

There is not a server edition of the plug-in because the data changes are happening on the client, so the plug-in must be installed there to create the audit log in real-time. As a result of this, the plug-in must be installed on each FileMaker Pro client that you want audited. Note, the location of your database does not matter and can reside either on your local computer or hosted via FileMaker Server.

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Does CNS Audit work with FM Go?

The plug-in does not work with FM Go. CNS Audit works by catching user actions as they happen on the machine they are using. Since FM Go does not have the ability to run a plug-in, it cannot monitor the user’s actions. Unfortunately, we do not know of any auditing solution that can audit changes from FM Go.

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Does CNS Audit work with Instant Web Publishing (IWP)?

The current version of the plug-in does not work with IWP. This is something we would like to add in a future version, but do not have an estimate of when that will be at this time.

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Can I specify which fields are audited?

Yes, you can setup the plug-in to only audit certain fields. This can also help make the plug-in work faster as it will not be audited unnecessary fields. To do so, follow these steps:

Create a script to open the File Setup dialog

  1. Click the “Scripts” menu in FileMaker and then select “Manage Scripts”
  2. Click the “New” button in the bottom left corner of the “Manage Scripts” window
  3. At the top of the “Edit Script” window, find the “Script Name:” field and enter a name like “Auditing Preferences”
  4. In the left column, double-click the “Set Variable” script step
  5. On the right side where the “Set Variable” script step was added, double click “Set Variable” which will open the “Set Variable” Options window
  6. In the “Name:” field, type or copy and paste “$result” (without the double quotes)
  7. In the “Value:” field, type or copy and paste “CNSAudit_SetupFile” (without the double quotes)
  8. Click the “OK” button on the “Set Variable” Options window
  9. Close the “Edit Script” window, and click “Save” when prompted
  10. Run the script by clicking the “Scripts” menu and selecting the script you just created

Define the fields you want to audit

  1. With the “File Setup” window open, select the table you want to work with in the “Table Name” drop down menu
  2. On the “Fields” tab, select the option you want to use to define which fields are audited
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Where can I download previous versions of the plug-in?

Previous versions of the plug-in can be downloaded from

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