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CNS Audit

An Audit Trail Plug-in for FileMaker Pro.

Table of Contents

Preparing the database for CNS Audit

Creating the CNS Audit Tables
Removing Layout Name / Table Occurrence Name conflicts

Set up the database for tracking field changes

Set up the database for tracking record deletions

Set up the database for startup and shutdown

Auditing existing data

Solution 1
Solution 2

Set up is complete

Optional set up tasks

Protecting Audit Trail Data
Auditing Actions other than Modifying Data
Auditing Record Views
Preventing database modification if CNS Audit is not present

Setting up Multiple Files / Data Separation Model

Make sure all files have a reference to the CNS Audit tables
Modify the CNS Audit Trigger fields
Modify the Startup scripts
Modify any CNSAudit_AccessLog calls

Additional Information

Modifying schema