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A FileMaker Pro Reference that's always in your pocket.

FMP Ref is an all-in-one FileMaker® Pro reference app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Inside you will find complete references for Calculation Functions, Script Steps, and Error Codes. FMP Ref also allows you to download references for your favorite Plug-ins, as long as the Plug-in Vendor has provided us with the functions. (If they haven't, point them to the website below!)

FMP Ref includes a Bookmark feature allowing you to bookmark any page in the references to easily get back to the page later. And what reference would be complete without a Search feature? The app will search through all the reference data, including the Plug-in references, and return just what you are looking for. The Updates feature of the app will keep you up-to-date with the latest reference information, so there's no need to worry about the data becoming old and out-dated.

New in version 1.5: A Notes feature has been added allowing you to keep notes on any reference item. Your notes appear on the detail page of the reference items as well as in a new Tab that displays all your notes. The Search feature also can search your notes and return the items you've added notes to. A new Misc reference feature has also been added to support smaller miscellaneous references that you can download just like the Plug-in references.

Download FMP Ref today and you'll always have a FileMaker Pro reference at your finger tips!


Following are references included with FMP ref. Are you a plug-in developer that wants your plug-ins included? Contact us and we'll send you a database to fill out! Are you a plug-in user wanting your favorite plug-in included? Let the plug-in developer know they need to get with us! Got a suggestion for a Misc Reference? Contact us and let us know!

FileMaker References

  • Calculation Functions
  • Script Steps
  • Error Codes

Plug-in References

24U Plug-ins

  • 24U Phidgets
  • 24U Phone Companion
  • 24U SimpleChart
  • 24U SimpleCode
  • 24U SimpleDialog
  • 24U SimpleFile
  • 24U SimpleHASP
  • 24U SimpleHelp
  • 24U SimpleHighlight
  • 24U SimpleSound
  • 24U SimpleTalk
  • 24U Toolbox
  • 24U VirtualUser

CNS Plug-ins

  • CNS Audit
  • CNS Image
  • FTPit Pro
  • MMColor
  • MMEmail
  • MMQuery
  • POP3it Pro
  • SMTPit Pro

Troi Plug-ins

  • Activator
  • Troi Dialog
  • Troi Encryptor
  • Troi File
  • Troi Grabber
  • Troi Serial
  • Troi Text
  • Troi URL

Misc References

  • Reserved Words



iOS DeviceiPod Touch

Version History

1.5 (08/16/2010)

iOS4 Update / Notes Feature / Bug Fixes

  • Updated for iOS 4
  • Updated for Retina Display
  • Added a Notes feature allowing notes to be added to any reference item
  • Added a Misc Reference feature for displaying smaller miscellaneous references
  • Reworked the Plug-in Downloading feature to be more intuitive and generally work better
  • Added a way to view a plug-in's information (description, website link, etc) even after it's been downloaded
  • Fixed a long standing bug with downloading plug-in updates and putting them in the correct place for the app to find them
  • Updated the Related Functions section of a Plug-in Function Detail view so that the related functions are clickable
  • Added support for specifying FM11 and FMGo compatible functions and script steps
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate updates would show up if you hit the Refresh button
  • Reworked the update code to work better and show pending updates more quickly on startup
  • Added support for linking to the online FileMaker Help for functions and script steps
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements

1.0 (08/13/2009)

Initial Release

  • Initial Release