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Calling this function with no parameters will open the MMScript Configuration Dialog. You can optionally open to a specific tab by specifying the name of the tab as the “Option” parameter. This function also allows you to get or set any preference found in the Configuration Dialog.

Valid PrefNames:

“AddHelp” - If True, Function specific Help will be added to Calculations when inserting the Plug-in’s Functions.
“ScriptsEnabled” - If False, the plug-in will not call scripts in your database.
“UseOldFunctions” - If True, the old-style External(“Scrp-XXX”) functions will be available.
“UseNewFunctions” - If True, the new-style MMScript_XXX functions will be available.

Return TypeVaries
FormatMMScript_Configure ( Option ; PrefName ; PrefValue )
Optional Parameters

Specify the name of a Tab in the Configuration Dialog to show it opened to that tab.
Specify “Get” with the PrefName parameter to get a preference value. (If not found, and PrefValue is defined, PrefValue will be returned.)
Specify “Set” with the PrefName and PrefValue parameters to set a preference value.


The Name of the Preference to Get or Set. (See the Function Description for a list of valid PrefNames.)


The Value of the Preference to Set. (See the Function Description for some possible values.)

Example 1

Opens the MMScript Configuration Dialog. (Because the "Option" parameter is not used, the dialog will open to the "Basics" tab.)

Example 2

Opens the MMScript Configuration Dialog to the "About" tab.

MMScript_Configure( "About" )
Example 3

Returns the value of the 'Add Help Comments to External Functions' setting from the Configuration Dialog.

MMScript_Configure( "Get" ; "AddHelp" )
Example 4

Sets the 'Enable Script Events' setting in the Configuration Dialog to true.

MMScript_Configure( "Set" ; "ScriptsEnabled" ; "True" )