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Install the plug-in

You have now downloaded the Server Edition plug-in archive, unzipped it, and are ready to install the plug-in.

Installing a plug-in is as easy as copying a file from one directory to another.

  1. Locate and open the folder you unzipped in the "Download the plug-in" section.

  2. Find the MMColor_SE_OSX.fmplugin plug-in file, and copy it. This is done by either right clicking on it and selecting Copy, or by using the Edit menu and selecting the Copy option.

  3. Browse to the location on your hard drive where FMS and/or Web Publishing is installed:

Database Server:

/Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions/

Web Publishing:

/Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/wpc/Plugins/

Note: In Web Publishing, if the “Plugins” folder does not exist in the “wpc”/“cwpc” folder, just create it, and then copy the plug-in file into it. The plug-in will not work if installed in the “Extensions” folder in the “wpc”/“cwpc” folder.

  1. Paste the plug-in file. This is done by either right clicking in an empty space and selecting Paste, or by using the Edit menu and selecting the Paste option.

  2. Restart the Database Server and/or Web Publishing.

  3. Web Publishing will immediately recognize and enable the plug-in, but you will need to use the FileMaker Server Admin Console to enable the plug-in for the Database Server. If you are only using the SE plug-in in Web Publishing, the plug-in is now installed and ready for use.

  4. For use in the Database Server, with the Admin Console open, choose the "Database Server" link in the Configuration section on the left. On the right, choose the "Server Plug-ins" tab. If the "Enable FileMaker Server to use plug-ins" checkbox is not checked, check it. Check the checkbox for the line that includes the plug-in file name, and then press the "Save" button. MMColor SE should now be installed and ready for use in the Database Server.