CNS Plug-ins

Developer License

Purchasing a Developer’s License for a specific plug-in allows you to redistribute that plug-in, royalty free, with your locked or bound solutions.

  • This license is for FileMaker Pro developers who will be distributing or selling their solutions to customers/clients outside of their company.
  • This is an unlimited license which allows you to distribute the plug-in with all of your solutions to an unlimited number of customers with an unlimited number of seats.
  • This license does allow you to install and register the Server plug-in (for plug-ins that include a server version).
  • The developer’s customers/clients do not own a license to the plug-in and can only use it in the manor the developer programs the database.
  • The developer’s customers/clients should not have access to the license key information, as they do not own the plug-in license.

###Working with the Developer License The developer license requires adding a small data string to a few specific plug-in function calls. If you will be making a significant number of function calls to the plug-in in your database(s), you may consider purchasing the developer license prior to coding so you will not have to change existing code. An alternative to this is to add the specific functions to custom functions and have your scripts/calculations reference the custom functions. This will allow you to easily change the custom functions which will update all your calls to the plug-in. For more information, please contact us.