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What does ERROR: Send: 500 ESocketException: Error 10053 mean

This error means the plug-in was unable to connect to your mail server. This is most likely caused by port 25 (or another port you use to connect to your mail server) being blocked by Anti-Virus or Firewall software.

There has been an increase in this error due in part to a lot of people using McAfee Anti-Virus software. An update to the software enables port blocking for that port, so it must be configured to allow the plug-in (or actually FileMaker) to send email. If you are using McAfee, please disabled port blocking on that port for FileMaker. When doing so, make sure the .exe filename added to the exception list is spelled exactly the same as the FileMaker Pro.exe (or FileMaker Developer.exe) found in the FileMaker directory.

If you are not using McAfee, check to make sure any other Anti-Virus or Firewall software between the plug-in and the mail server is not blocking port 25.

Instructions for allowing the plug-in to send email through McAfee: *Please note, these were given to us from a customer and we have not tested these, so if they are not entirely correct, please contact McAfee for more information.