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This example demonstrates the two ways to scan a barcode with CNS Barcode via function calls.. Scanning can be done with an existing image of a barcode, or using the Scan Window to scan barcodes with your WebCam.

Scan example database

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FileMaker 7–11 Example

FileMaker 12 Example

Scan Image Example

There are two ways to scan a barcode with CNS Barcode. The first way is scanning an image that has a barcode in it. The database has a QR code in the Image container field by default. When you click the Scan Image button, the plug-in will scan the image in the container field for a barcode, and if found, will return the data that is in the barcode.

To see how this works, open ScriptMaker/Manage Scripts and edit the ScanImage script.

Set Field [ScanImage::Result; “” ] Refresh Window []

The script starts by clearing the Result field and refreshing the window. This is not required, but just helps verify the plug-in is placing data in the field.

Set Field [ ScanImage::Result; CNSBC_ScanImage( ScanImage::Image )

The script uses the Set Field script step to set the “Result” field with the data in the barcode. Select the Set Field and click the “Calculated result:” Specify button in the bottom left corner.

The CNSBC_ScanImage function has one parameter, which is the location of the image to scan. This can either be a container field or the path to an image on your computer.

Commit Records/Requests []

The script finishes by committing the record. Scanning an existing image of a barcode is as simple as that. Note, the CNSBC_ScanImage function can also take a profile name if you want to use a Profile to determine the action the plug-in takes after scanning the image.