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CNS Audit

An Audit Trail Plug-in for FileMaker Pro.

Register the plug-in

If you have purchased a license for the plug-in, you can now register the demo plug-in with your license key to make it the “paid” plug-in. When you register the plug-in, the license information is stored on your computer so you only have to register the one time.

You do not have to purchase a license in order to test the plug-in. Our 30-day free demo is fully functional and works exactly the same as the "paid" plug-in. In fact, the demo and the "paid" plug-in file is the exact same file. You simply register the demo plug-in file and it becomes the "paid" version.

Register using the Configuration Dialog

You can manually register the plug-in via the Configuration Dialog. Follow the instructions in the "Configure the plug-in" section to access the Configuration Dialog, and then press the "Registration" button in the bottom left corner. Finally, copy and paste your registration information from your email receipt into the fields, and click the "OK" button.
CNS Audit Registration Dialog

Register using the plug-in’s register function

To register via function, place the CNSAudit_Register function in a script or button step calculation and enter your details into the function. For example:

CNSAudit_Register( “First Name” ; “Second Name” ; “1234–5678–1234–5678” )

Registering multiple computers with a script

If you have many computers using the plug-in, manually registering each one can be a hassle. An easy solution is to create a startup script in your database that uses either a Set Field or Set Variable script step to call the CNSAudit_Register function. The downside to this is the FileMaker user will see a dialog pop-up that requires them to accept the license agreement. To remedy this, use the optional “I Accept the License Agreement” parameter of the CNSAudit_Register function. For example:

CNSAudit_Register( “FirstName” ; “SecondName” ; “1234–5678–1234–5678” ; “I Accept the License Agreement” )

This is really only needed for people who have World Licenses that have a startup script which registers the plugin every time the solution starts.

Note, users with a Developer License should not use this parameter, as it will not work correctly. Please see your developer instructions you received when your license was purchased.

Continue to the Setup Guide to begin integrating the plug-in into your own solution.